RMS visit to Acharya Narendra Dev College Delhi : 1 feb 2012

I come to know that RMS is coming to some college name “Acharya Narendra Dev College” through Lug Delhi mailing list. I was super excited to listen to RMS.So i booked my calender and reached their as schedule.I am not a good blogger nor in the mood to write to much i would like to finish what RMS Address to us. you can find more about RMS
The very first thing that RMS said that don’t put this on facebook. He don’t want to give his information to facebook database , as he says.And in this contest he said to visit.He told us lot of fact about which we were unknown. Let me list that for you
1. How the term GNU was coined.
2. How is free software is different from open source.
3. Malwares
4. Linus Torvalds thoght about open souce and free software.
5. Education system
Let me explain those points briefly.

1. The concept behind the name GNU was that rms want to create joke 😀 (He like joke actually).So he want to keep the name something like “* NOT UNIX” so why he chosen gnu cause this is word that means something other may not make sense like fnu , dnu rnu , but GNU really mean something which mean a animal and thats why the logo :).
2. The most halarious truth was that free software and open source is different terms coined by different community.i cann’t talk more about this because this was quite difficult for me to understand the think :P.
3. He pronounced windows , flash players and psp , a malware , actually all proprietary software are malware , as he said and he called MAC a super malware.
4. Linus torvalds belive in more powerful and reliable software , so don’t avoid proprietary softwares.
5.At last he said about the free software in education system.At the present senirio he said that use proprietary software is like making you addict to use the software and use to and when you are addicted you are asked to pay for what you are addicted of.

At last ,end of the show he wear a cloak and hat which is made of his hard disk a decade old .And said that he is a saint gunusious of church of emacs. And he also said that anyone can be the member of this church or event the saint of the church by following some (can say) philosphy.
After the talk was over ,i got my laptop signed by RMS:) Happy Hacking :).


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