Miserable life in gurgaon !!!

Life is miserable here in Gurgaon.I live here in Dlf phase 3 in some sector S. Power cut, water scarcity, pollution, traffic, rash driving, crime, internet are few major problems here. I moved from bikaner to gurgaon just after my college ends (or say still on its way to end) just for shake of comforts and the most importantly internet. Internet is my basic need like food and water (like in finland internet is basic right of people). The most important reason of migration was my google summer of code project. I can do it from home too (with मा के हाथ का खाना )  but as i need good internet speed and peace so i came to gurgaon but VOILA …Wtf. But  my main concern is electricity,  water and internet. Lets talk about each one by one. The very first problem electricity, at least 5-6 hrs of power cut, sometime even more. I don’t know what kind of load shedding is this but a poor condition for such type of city. The second one water, the most important, no water with any notice for a day or two. People here have to pay extra money to call tankers to fill their tank and most of the time even those talk are not easily available. The last but not least internet, internet is a big problem in india itself , but after paying a lot my internet provider, i am able to get a okay bandwith. The most important these fellows cann’t even manage to give a good service, fiber cut is their great excuse. Your internet will stop working , they will register complaint, technician will come senior technician will come, then we will get you poor internet working. So i was thinking how can i help gurgaon (my part) to save from these things so i wrote a blog lol 😀 (i know there are few readers but….).By the way life is good 🙂


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