Small ECB meetup

Had a small get together with Nitin mudgal aka nmudgal and Anirudh sharma aka touchaddict.This meet was not very well planned :P. Got a ping from nmudgal that he is going to meet touchaddict, bijolianabhi and techshaddy, unfortunately bijolianabhi and techshaddy couldn’t join us.We met at connaught place around 8 pm. Start searching for a place to sit, got a suggestion from touchaddict “Ek boti Do Roti” where he used to go in his childhood :D. We had a very nice conversation there, about cool stuff, ideas and fun. We also got a chance to see le chal (touchaddict idea) video (still cooking). Now time to leave. We left saying good bye to touchaddict as he was goin to Massachusetts for his some research work at mit. This blog is looking like a story :D. I am really a bad blogger :D.


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