Create a menu item whenever a taxonomy term is created

function your-module-name_taxonomy_term_insert($term) {
    $menu_item = array(
  'link_title' => $term->name,
  'menu_name'  => 'your-menu-machine-name', // It uses '-', not '_'
  'customized' => 1, // Must be 1 in order to not dispaly the link in any language
  'link_path'  => 'taxonomy/term/' . $term->tid, // menu_link_save() does not like aliases. Then 'nid' is used
  'language'  => 'en', // language is required in order to make the item translatable
  'plid' => $plid, // id of the sub-menu if you want to add this in sub-menu
  'weight' => '-50',
$mlid = menu_link_save($menu_item); // You don't need to receive it in a variable
$ml = menu_link_load($mlid); // I'm loading $mlid just to display the result and verify it

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