Schedule your future tweets.  This application schedule tweet and post on your behalf. This web application is made with Drupal. There are few application which already exist with this feature, but this must be the first one made with drupal 😉 . This small application does only one thing schedule your future tweet and keep them in queue, cron runs every minute to check if there is any tweet in the queue. If yes it simply post in on your behalf when you are busy enjoying new year or birthday or taking nap :). Here is one screenshot to show how things work :
This is the page in action, this page where you schedule your post, as you can see Contains only two field one for your tweet and other one for the time in future. That’s it !!!

You can also view your “tweets in the queue” and “tweets which are already delivered”. Then there is a page called “Page 51” where resided everything else ;). I also don’t know why the page is called page 51 😀 . And yes one more thing, it just took two days to build it and deploy , power of drupal 🙂 .

So if you have any queries or feedback, please comment below (if its a postive feedback) or mail me (if its a negative one ) . hahahah 😀


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