Idea, just for fun

My workplace is democratic one (Equal opportunity, transparency, open salary and financials etc.). These days lots of discussion were going on regarding the salary, since each of us need to decide their own salary themselves. So a idea strike idea in my head to build a tool where people can find their salary based on some parameters. I presented this idea to nmudgal. We tried to find if there is any similar idea on the web already, and found nothing but yes find a tool which calculate dowry for you. After seeing dowry calculator we also planned to convert it into joke(to some extend) :D. Same day we wrote the algorithm in nearly two hours and the next day we purchased the domain and nmudgal put the site live, shared on fb and twitter. Next day within 24 hours we have 160 submissions, good enough. But seriously talking if we gather some more data from user and market, we can tell approx package of a professional (kind of feeling). You can check it here. Don’t forgot to give us feedback, you can comment below. Your feedback will not be that useful for us but still if you want 😀


Reset password using drush

This commands will be help you to reset the admin password of your site.

# Provide you a login link
drush uli
# Set the password for any user
drush upwd admin –password=”new password”

One more way :

cd php scripts/ 'drupal'

This will generate a hash for you, copy and paste in below queries.

drush sql-cli
update users set name='admin', pass='Hash generated from above command' where uid=1;

Hints are like decoy.

For me Hints never work. It closes all other doors of your thought and point you to only one window. When you don’t uses a hint you had a wider vision of all possible solution. Lets take an example of any maths problem,if you already seen the hint, you will never thought the other way, your mind will stuck at that point. And suppose a condition where you solved a problem by one of the possible method/solution you get in your mind and now get back to the same problem after few days (almost when you didn’t remember the solution) and now again try to solve the problem, most probably as my experience says you will solve it by some other method.This always happened to me, since i forgot things so easily, i always solve the same problem in different ways at different time. Hints may be good if your only aim is solve the problem, but it will hinder your growth.

Install Drupal From Command Line

If you are using drupal, you must have heard of drush, if not check it now, its the one of the awesomest thing in drupal.More links

1. Project page on drupal.

2. Documentation : how to install

Now i suppose you have drush installed on your system. So you can install drupal in three easy steps.

1. Drush dl drupal

2. mv drupal-7.x your_site_name && cd your_site_name

3.drush si --db-url=mysql://mysql_username:password@ --account-name=you_choose --account-pass=you_choose --account-email=your_email --locale=pt_br --site-name="Drupal Test"

Overriding the breadcrumb

An easy way to Override the breadcrumb to use hook_breadcrumb in templete.php. In my profile page the user profile name was missing only “home” was getting displayed. i used to following code in templete.php :

function YOUR_THEME_NAME_breadcrumb($variables) {
$breadcrumb = $variables['breadcrumb'];
if(arg(0) == "user") {
$breadcrumb[]= drupal_get_title();
$output = '
<div class="breadcrumb">' . implode('>>', $breadcrumb) . '</div>
return $output;

One more way is : create a breadcrumb.tpl.php file in your theme folder and add following line:
This will only change the default symbol( >>) between breadcrumb string to !.

Small ECB meetup

Had a small get together with Nitin mudgal aka nmudgal and Anirudh sharma aka touchaddict.This meet was not very well planned :P. Got a ping from nmudgal that he is going to meet touchaddict, bijolianabhi and techshaddy, unfortunately bijolianabhi and techshaddy couldn’t join us.We met at connaught place around 8 pm. Start searching for a place to sit, got a suggestion from touchaddict “Ek boti Do Roti” where he used to go in his childhood :D. We had a very nice conversation there, about cool stuff, ideas and fun. We also got a chance to see le chal (touchaddict idea) video (still cooking). Now time to leave. We left saying good bye to touchaddict as he was goin to Massachusetts for his some research work at mit. This blog is looking like a story :D. I am really a bad blogger :D.

Miserable life in gurgaon !!!

Life is miserable here in Gurgaon.I live here in Dlf phase 3 in some sector S. Power cut, water scarcity, pollution, traffic, rash driving, crime, internet are few major problems here. I moved from bikaner to gurgaon just after my college ends (or say still on its way to end) just for shake of comforts and the most importantly internet. Internet is my basic need like food and water (like in finland internet is basic right of people). The most important reason of migration was my google summer of code project. I can do it from home too (with मा के हाथ का खाना )  but as i need good internet speed and peace so i came to gurgaon but VOILA …Wtf. But  my main concern is electricity,  water and internet. Lets talk about each one by one. The very first problem electricity, at least 5-6 hrs of power cut, sometime even more. I don’t know what kind of load shedding is this but a poor condition for such type of city. The second one water, the most important, no water with any notice for a day or two. People here have to pay extra money to call tankers to fill their tank and most of the time even those talk are not easily available. The last but not least internet, internet is a big problem in india itself , but after paying a lot my internet provider, i am able to get a okay bandwith. The most important these fellows cann’t even manage to give a good service, fiber cut is their great excuse. Your internet will stop working , they will register complaint, technician will come senior technician will come, then we will get you poor internet working. So i was thinking how can i help gurgaon (my part) to save from these things so i wrote a blog lol 😀 (i know there are few readers but….).By the way life is good 🙂

My Fav Android Apps

I am listing some of my favourite android applications which i use frequently.Most important all are free apps 🙂
Angry Bird : I just love this game and generally play this while travelling and in my Pass time.
MotoXm : If you love biking and trekking you will love this app.
Socail Network
Facebook : IF you are on facebook , this official app is good enough for you.
Twitter : This is a ultimate official twitter app you will love to tweet more than your do from your web.The only problem is that there is no quick srcoll for jumping to top of the tweets.
Foursqaure Nice one
Imo A cool app for multi chat client. you can connect lots of account using this imo like facebook , gmail , yahoo etc.
Ringad A cool idea ,get paid to just listening the ringtone.Earn points on listening the ringtone when someone calls you. Redeem the point at the end of the month to get your recharge. i find this app uber cool.
Espncricinfo : If you are a cricket fan and you need a good app to get the score, results , fixture , news , then this is the coolest app for you . This is the most favourite app of mine.
Sketch and draw : If you are an artist or love drawing , then this could be a solution for you. A nice app ,most used by me,grat fun , you will love it.
TOI News on the go , easy navigation , open in the same window.The problem with the default app which comes with my phone(whether andnews) is that if i have to open the news , it will open in other browser not in the same , so toi is great app ,cool navigation and good feeds.

I own Android Galaxy Y.

Here is the awesome infographic comparison between android and ios by Kayla Evans :

RMS visit to Acharya Narendra Dev College Delhi : 1 feb 2012

I come to know that RMS is coming to some college name “Acharya Narendra Dev College” through Lug Delhi mailing list. I was super excited to listen to RMS.So i booked my calender and reached their as schedule.I am not a good blogger nor in the mood to write to much i would like to finish what RMS Address to us. you can find more about RMS
The very first thing that RMS said that don’t put this on facebook. He don’t want to give his information to facebook database , as he says.And in this contest he said to visit.He told us lot of fact about which we were unknown. Let me list that for you
1. How the term GNU was coined.
2. How is free software is different from open source.
3. Malwares
4. Linus Torvalds thoght about open souce and free software.
5. Education system
Let me explain those points briefly.

1. The concept behind the name GNU was that rms want to create joke 😀 (He like joke actually).So he want to keep the name something like “* NOT UNIX” so why he chosen gnu cause this is word that means something other may not make sense like fnu , dnu rnu , but GNU really mean something which mean a animal and thats why the logo :).
2. The most halarious truth was that free software and open source is different terms coined by different community.i cann’t talk more about this because this was quite difficult for me to understand the think :P.
3. He pronounced windows , flash players and psp , a malware , actually all proprietary software are malware , as he said and he called MAC a super malware.
4. Linus torvalds belive in more powerful and reliable software , so don’t avoid proprietary softwares.
5.At last he said about the free software in education system.At the present senirio he said that use proprietary software is like making you addict to use the software and use to and when you are addicted you are asked to pay for what you are addicted of.

At last ,end of the show he wear a cloak and hat which is made of his hard disk a decade old .And said that he is a saint gunusious of church of emacs. And he also said that anyone can be the member of this church or event the saint of the church by following some (can say) philosphy.
After the talk was over ,i got my laptop signed by RMS:) Happy Hacking :).

Hacking , i don’t know

Hack if you can ! I said yes. I used my (or say yours ;)) fork ( which generally used to eat noodles ) to open the screws of my mouse and keyboard . Voila ! I hacked the fork to open the screws , Screwed :D. What i think (and many others) making things happen your way or alter the thing or force the thing to occur the way you want can be pronounced as hacking . HAPPY HACKING 😉

Ubuntu Love

One of my fiend vikash shared this on facebook .

one of my dearest friend Shiv Vaishnav is trying to tease me by showing off his PIRATED & BETA VERSION OF “windows 8” …i just wanna tell him behalf of all linux lover and open source community…..that i bet that look of my current GENUINE & STABLE version of UBUNTU 11.04 is better than ur b..i…n..d..o..w..s…and i promise u to show even more beauty after release oF UBUNTU 11.10 with GNOME-3…after 14th oct…:) (common open source guys give him a answer..!!)

Blogging vs Microblogging

Please have a look at my archives , my last post is a year ago, when i created my Twitter account.when i first introduce to blog i was happy that now , i will be able to share my thoughts with the world. I started sharing the same way, a novice blogger do.And thought that slowly i’ll be a freaky blogger some day.But then comes our loving Twitter and nitesh starts microblogging. Twitter never make me feel that i am missing blogging, i have always found Twitter around to take my outburst :).Whatever, now sooner or later , you will find me bogging freakly 🙂

How to Google

Google is my best friend over web ,helps me much most of my problems are solved by google and irc.But some time i am not able to find what i actually want, that is exactly because the way we google .So here is some tips so that we can google some better way 🙂 , actually this are not tip ,these are query for exact answer. HERE IS THE LINK.
Try this ,it may also help you Let Me Google This For You 😉
One more thing i would like to share ,which you may already know ,Google means a digit containing hundred of zeros.

one laptop per child (olpc)

linux user group bikaner (LUGB) was on a 5 day visit to kikarwali the first school in rajasthan to get the laptop under OLPC
xo laptop
The events :
May 7 :

* 6 AM Departure from Bikaner to Kikarwali.

* 12 noon A small introductory meeting with the teaching staff and administration authorities of the School.

* 7 PM Briefing the public and students of Kikarwali about the concept of OLPC, XO laptops were shown.

May 8 :

* 7 AM – 12 Noon , First session with the students , teams of 2 to 3 members took the charge of each class, basics of computers were covered
* Evening : Practical sessions, children were divided into groups of 4 or 5 and were given a XO (due to the limited number of laptops).

May 9 :

* In-spite of a Sunday, some children turned up to the school right in the morning , more practical sessions , apps like write , paint , speak , camera , wikipedia were covered.
* A projector was arranged , children were shown some small movie and some XO stuff.
* LUGB vs Kikarwali cricket match in the evening.

May 10 :

* 7 AM onwards Children in large number ( from 3 schools ) gathered.
* Newer ones were shown some video about the usage of XO (almost instantaneously shot by a small cam)
* Q & A sessions were held , (some toffees were distributed meanwhile).
* An adventurous visit to the India Pakistan border, location: 41 PS, talked to the Inspector Gaurav and saw Pakistan to the closest one can go.(BEST)

May 11 :

* A group of 3 (Paras, Kartik & Sahil) went to a private school for teaching.
* Local Teachers were taught the basic usage of the XO.
* Sharing (USP of XO) was the theme of the day.
* Discussed some issues and views with the authorities on how to continue the project.
* 5 PM returning trip

additional Info
Head Counts : 200 (approx)
Schools Covered : 3
LUGB members (in alphabetical order) :
Abhinav Chittora
Chitrapal Singh
Kartik Manocha
Manu Dixit
Nitesh Kumar (me )
Paras Kuhad
Sahil Kataria
Vilas Setia
Virendra Sethiya

The effort was one of the kind in the whole of Rajasthan ( i guess the laptops were very first to get distributed in this part -covering 5 to 6 states- of the country).
The memories would remain with us for a long long time , people were friendly , reception full on , very intelligent children and the best of the food.

Why i love my hp pavallion dv4 1502 tu

I know I am late to post this but better late than never and here is my review about my 3 months old HP-Pavillion dv-4 1502TU notebook. I have been getting considerable traffic on the blog who google about this model. This wont be an expert review nor do I promote it to buy.


Though for user like me, where performance is primary concern for doing multitude of activities almost simultaneously, looks don’t matter. But this model has got sexy looks too along with performance. The striking feature about its looks is the glowing hp logo down corner when machine is booted up, which is kinda similar to the apple glowing on Macbooks. It has also got appreciable graphic designs on the body.

System Performance

It’s basic configuration is

* Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor 2.20 GHz
* 320 GB HDD
* 3 GB RAM
* 14” Screen
* DVD-RW with Blue Ray Support
* ALTEC LANSING in-built speaker
* Biometric Finger Print Reader
* Steel Finish Trackpad with scroller
* Pre-installed Windows-7 Home Basic Premium

When I bought this, Core 2 Duo T6600 was the thing in processors but now with introduction of i3 and i5 series, I’ve heard that the performance has fairly improved especially on power backup. So it is advisable to go for i3 or i5 models. For me, shift from 40 GB HDD n 256 MB RAM to a machine with 320GB HDD and 3 GB RAM was a giant leap I could try out various stuff on this which I couldn’t on my desktop.

Another nice feature about this model is the in-built ALTEC LANSING speakers and they are just awesome with sound clarity. Also the screen resolution and clarity is much appreciable. So watching a movie is always an enchanting experience with these features.

Finger Print reader functionality is a great bliss if you have signed up for various websites and typing the user id and password again and again is, according to you, boring. Initially, you will need some practice to master the trick the way the fingers are to be swiped on the reader but later it’s just a matter of few milli-seconds and you are already logged in to your site before you wonder about it. Also the trackpad has a key above it to lock the trackpad use. The remote control device comes handy when giving presentation to browse through the slides and also can be used for various purposes.

The panel has following ports

* 2 USB ports
* 1 Ethernet port
* HDMI, eSATA, Memory Card Slot (1 each)


2 USB ports are not just enough but can be managed. The heating issues are quite prominent and kinda the bad ass feature of this model. It is advisable to keep it over a sponge surface so the heat is dissipated properly.One more disappointing key with this laptop is its touchpad it some time gets slow due to moisture.

All social sites & IM’s at one place :::: YOONO

Yoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place. you can either use it on your desktop or as a add on on mozilla firefox. One can download this from above link.
Yoono is an easy to use sidebar for your browser that allows you to connect to all your social networks and instant messaging services – in one place. Get all your friend updates, update your own status, and easily share stuff with your friends.


* Connect to all your social networks and never miss another status update from friends or family. You’re connected wherever you are on the web.
* Update your status across all your social networks at the same time.
* All your IM services right in your browser sidebar to easily chat while your surf the web – no more logging on to multiple services.