Todo.txt , an awesome extension for gnome.

For today’s todo stuff i used to make a file named todo.txt on my desktop and write down the stuff which i need to complete today and deleted the stuff which is done, which i was comfortable using it. I was looking for some extension on , i came through this awesome app, which i think was first released in 2006 on lifehacker. But i came through this few days back. What this app actually does is create two text files on your system name todo and done, and store all your task their and show those stuff graphically. I really like this idea. For today todo i use this app and for every thing else i use google keep, which also very nice app. Both the app are available for mobile also  but keep is free and for todo.txt you need to few bucks.






My Fav Android Apps

I am listing some of my favourite android applications which i use frequently.Most important all are free apps 🙂
Angry Bird : I just love this game and generally play this while travelling and in my Pass time.
MotoXm : If you love biking and trekking you will love this app.
Socail Network
Facebook : IF you are on facebook , this official app is good enough for you.
Twitter : This is a ultimate official twitter app you will love to tweet more than your do from your web.The only problem is that there is no quick srcoll for jumping to top of the tweets.
Foursqaure Nice one
Imo A cool app for multi chat client. you can connect lots of account using this imo like facebook , gmail , yahoo etc.
Ringad A cool idea ,get paid to just listening the ringtone.Earn points on listening the ringtone when someone calls you. Redeem the point at the end of the month to get your recharge. i find this app uber cool.
Espncricinfo : If you are a cricket fan and you need a good app to get the score, results , fixture , news , then this is the coolest app for you . This is the most favourite app of mine.
Sketch and draw : If you are an artist or love drawing , then this could be a solution for you. A nice app ,most used by me,grat fun , you will love it.
TOI News on the go , easy navigation , open in the same window.The problem with the default app which comes with my phone(whether andnews) is that if i have to open the news , it will open in other browser not in the same , so toi is great app ,cool navigation and good feeds.

I own Android Galaxy Y.

Here is the awesome infographic comparison between android and ios by Kayla Evans :