Idea, just for fun

My workplace is democratic one (Equal opportunity, transparency, open salary and financials etc.). These days lots of discussion were going on regarding the salary, since each of us need to decide their own salary themselves. So a idea strike idea in my head to build a tool where people can find their salary based on some parameters. I presented this idea to nmudgal. We tried to find if there is any similar idea on the web already, and found nothing but yes find a tool which calculate dowry for you. After seeing dowry calculator we also planned to convert it into joke(to some extend) :D. Same day we wrote the algorithm in nearly two hours and the next day we purchased the domain and nmudgal put the site live, shared on fb and twitter. Next day within 24 hours we have 160 submissions, good enough. But seriously talking if we gather some more data from user and market, we can tell approx package of a professional (kind of feeling). You can check it here. Don’t forgot to give us feedback, you can comment below. Your feedback will not be that useful for us but still if you want 😀