Why i love my hp pavallion dv4 1502 tu

I know I am late to post this but better late than never and here is my review about my 3 months old HP-Pavillion dv-4 1502TU notebook. I have been getting considerable traffic on the blog who google about this model. This wont be an expert review nor do I promote it to buy.


Though for user like me, where performance is primary concern for doing multitude of activities almost simultaneously, looks don’t matter. But this model has got sexy looks too along with performance. The striking feature about its looks is the glowing hp logo down corner when machine is booted up, which is kinda similar to the apple glowing on Macbooks. It has also got appreciable graphic designs on the body.

System Performance

It’s basic configuration is

* Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor 2.20 GHz
* 320 GB HDD
* 3 GB RAM
* 14” Screen
* DVD-RW with Blue Ray Support
* ALTEC LANSING in-built speaker
* Biometric Finger Print Reader
* Steel Finish Trackpad with scroller
* Pre-installed Windows-7 Home Basic Premium

When I bought this, Core 2 Duo T6600 was the thing in processors but now with introduction of i3 and i5 series, I’ve heard that the performance has fairly improved especially on power backup. So it is advisable to go for i3 or i5 models. For me, shift from 40 GB HDD n 256 MB RAM to a machine with 320GB HDD and 3 GB RAM was a giant leap I could try out various stuff on this which I couldn’t on my desktop.

Another nice feature about this model is the in-built ALTEC LANSING speakers and they are just awesome with sound clarity. Also the screen resolution and clarity is much appreciable. So watching a movie is always an enchanting experience with these features.

Finger Print reader functionality is a great bliss if you have signed up for various websites and typing the user id and password again and again is, according to you, boring. Initially, you will need some practice to master the trick the way the fingers are to be swiped on the reader but later it’s just a matter of few milli-seconds and you are already logged in to your site before you wonder about it. Also the trackpad has a key above it to lock the trackpad use. The remote control device comes handy when giving presentation to browse through the slides and also can be used for various purposes.

The panel has following ports

* 2 USB ports
* 1 Ethernet port
* HDMI, eSATA, Memory Card Slot (1 each)


2 USB ports are not just enough but can be managed. The heating issues are quite prominent and kinda the bad ass feature of this model. It is advisable to keep it over a sponge surface so the heat is dissipated properly.One more disappointing key with this laptop is its touchpad it some time gets slow due to moisture.