Ubuntu Love

One of my fiend vikash shared this on facebook .

one of my dearest friend Shiv Vaishnav is trying to tease me by showing off his PIRATED & BETA VERSION OF “windows 8” …i just wanna tell him behalf of all linux lover and open source community…..that i bet that look of my current GENUINE & STABLE version of UBUNTU 11.04 is better than ur b..i…n..d..o..w..s…and i promise u to show even more beauty after release oF UBUNTU 11.10 with GNOME-3…after 14th oct…:) (common open source guys give him a answer..!!)


How to Google

Google is my best friend over web ,helps me much most of my problems are solved by google and irc.But some time i am not able to find what i actually want, that is exactly because the way we google .So here is some tips so that we can google some better way 🙂 , actually this are not tip ,these are query for exact answer. HERE IS THE LINK.
Try this ,it may also help you Let Me Google This For You 😉
One more thing i would like to share ,which you may already know ,Google means a digit containing hundred of zeros.

one laptop per child (olpc)

linux user group bikaner (LUGB) was on a 5 day visit to kikarwali the first school in rajasthan to get the laptop under OLPC
xo laptop
The events :
May 7 :

* 6 AM Departure from Bikaner to Kikarwali.

* 12 noon A small introductory meeting with the teaching staff and administration authorities of the School.

* 7 PM Briefing the public and students of Kikarwali about the concept of OLPC, XO laptops were shown.

May 8 :

* 7 AM – 12 Noon , First session with the students , teams of 2 to 3 members took the charge of each class, basics of computers were covered
* Evening : Practical sessions, children were divided into groups of 4 or 5 and were given a XO (due to the limited number of laptops).

May 9 :

* In-spite of a Sunday, some children turned up to the school right in the morning , more practical sessions , apps like write , paint , speak , camera , wikipedia were covered.
* A projector was arranged , children were shown some small movie and some XO stuff.
* LUGB vs Kikarwali cricket match in the evening.

May 10 :

* 7 AM onwards Children in large number ( from 3 schools ) gathered.
* Newer ones were shown some video about the usage of XO (almost instantaneously shot by a small cam)
* Q & A sessions were held , (some toffees were distributed meanwhile).
* An adventurous visit to the India Pakistan border, location: 41 PS, talked to the Inspector Gaurav and saw Pakistan to the closest one can go.(BEST)

May 11 :

* A group of 3 (Paras, Kartik & Sahil) went to a private school for teaching.
* Local Teachers were taught the basic usage of the XO.
* Sharing (USP of XO) was the theme of the day.
* Discussed some issues and views with the authorities on how to continue the project.
* 5 PM returning trip

additional Info
Head Counts : 200 (approx)
Schools Covered : 3
LUGB members (in alphabetical order) :
Abhinav Chittora
Chitrapal Singh
Kartik Manocha
Manu Dixit
Nitesh Kumar (me )
Paras Kuhad
Sahil Kataria
Vilas Setia
Virendra Sethiya

The effort was one of the kind in the whole of Rajasthan ( i guess the laptops were very first to get distributed in this part -covering 5 to 6 states- of the country).
The memories would remain with us for a long long time , people were friendly , reception full on , very intelligent children and the best of the food.